Producing high-quality books for discerning publishers and authors . . .

Are you a publisher?

Wait. Don't say no too quickly. If you are a self-publishing author, then you are a publisher. If you are a corporate manager who wants to use a book as a promotional tool, then you are a publisher. And of course if you're a publisher, then you already said yes.

There is more to producing a book than writing it and pressing a button. Yes, some people do that, but the results are the worse for it. Take such a book with you as you explore a bookstore, and you should immediately see how it compares to commercially published books.

A book needs an editor who is committed to helping you communicate clearly and articulately with your audience. It needs expert typography to give it the feel and finish of a well-made product. It needs a cover that sells. And it needs printing and binding that shine.

Are you interested in product quality? Are your customers interested?

Not everyone is, of course. But when you want to publish a book that represents you well, with thoughtfully edited contents and elegant design, at a fair price, I'll be more than happy to discuss your project with you.

Let's get that book out of your head and into the marketplace. Click the contact link or call me.


Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well.—Earl of Chesterfield