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Custom publishing means creating a book you can use to promote your business. This may be a token you give to sales prospects or a reminder gift for existing customers. It may be a recruiting tool or an integral part of a corporate image makeover. It may be a self-liquidating premium that you give to paying seminar participants or a back-of-the-room book that you sell to them. The key is that you want the book to look like it was published professionally. You may have a marketing department staffed with creative people who know writing and graphics. But odds are they do not know book design and production. That’s where I come in. I can take on the whole project, including writing the book in the first place. Or I can work with your other resources, filling in the areas where they lack experience. I offer a number of services to companies that want a custom-published book:

  • Project management—I can help you and your staff throughout the publishing process with scheduling and executing the many pedestrian but necessary steps to get you from raw idea to published book. You tend to your business and let me handle the book project. You can be involved in decision-making at every stage; it’s your show. But you can let me deal with getting the project done on time and within budget.
  • Evaluation—I can review your manuscript or other materials and provide an objective critique covering the writing quality, organization and completeness of the content, and what it will take to get from where you are to a book you can be proud of.
  • EditingI can provide development editing, copy editing, and fact checking services, as needed. I have over four decades of editing experience.
  • Ghostwriting—I have decades of experience in technical writing, marketing communications, and general business writing. I’m good at capturing your voice and your ideas and turning them into finished text.
  • Design, typography, and compositionYour unique book deserves a unique design that is appropriate to its content. I will work with you to develop that unique design and render your book as finished pages, ready to print. This can include creating illustrations from your sketches; rendering equations, tables, and other complicated composition; designing and laying out all kinds of pages; and whatever else is needed for your project.

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