Privacy policy

I am a sole proprietor

Any communication through this site, by entering data in a form and submitting that form or by writing a letter or otherwise contacting me comes to me alone. No one else sees it without your express permission, as I might request in the case of situations requiring outside expertise.

I do not sell data, neither yours nor anyone else’s. I do not have a relationship with Web marketing companies, advertising agencies, or any third-party information brokers.

I collect anonymous visitor statistics as a way to find out how well the site is working so that I can improve the website.

When you send me a file or files and other information relating to a project you want my help with or that you want me to quote on, I retain that information. If you request that I delete it from my system and any cloud backup storage, I will do so.

Mailing list

By default, if you submit communication through a form on this site, Mailchimp will add you to a mailing list. You can opt out before submitting the form or at any time in the future, if I ever get around to sending out a mailing and you find it annoying or boring, either of which is possible.


I honestly don’t know whether this site generates cookies on your system. If it does so, they are for your convenience so you don’t have to fill out the same information twice. But if so, that’s buried deep in WordPress, and I have no control over it. You can delete them anytime you want, as far I’m concerned.

That’s it

That’s my privacy policy. Write to me if you need further clarification.

Let’s get in touch

Let me know how I can help you. Use this form for a brief note, or fill out the project questionnaire to get a quote, along with a free book publishing flowchart, a twenty dollar value.

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